UNI-CA’ wood houses built with the blockbau technique satisfy different needs:

WELLNESS: from living in a building that is made exclusively with natural materials with good thermo-hydrometric features. In fact the wood is a live material, which allows our house to breath thanks to the humidity exchange between the interior and the exterior. Solid wood reaches rapidly the enviromental temperature, avoiding the classic radiation effect of the masonry walls. 

ECOLOGY: houses made with trunks use ecologically compatible materials which give you the certainty of living in a healthy environment coming from using only natural materials. The manifacturing is done using untreated wood, with no adhesives or resin products. Sheep wool is put between the trunks. 

DURABILITY: it is proved that in countries where there are wood buildings it is not rare to find century-old houses that still perform their role, energetically speaking. Wood takes a natural color as a result of its oxidation process. Trunk houses are treated with linseed oil which preserves and lets the wood breath so that it can keep its features and last longer in time. This is the only maintenance needed. 

VERSATILITY: in terms of design, solutions as the trunk houses that we build are not built in a standardised way but following the specific needs of the customer. The trunk house project is studied concretely with the customers so that we can satisfy their wishes. The only limit presented by this system is the length of the trunk. Is it in fact difficult to build walls of a considerable length (>10 m) due to the conical form of the material.