UNI - CA' - Blockhaus interlocking system  

We imagine our house as a shelter, a sacred and untouchable place. Because of that we feel committed to build the house of your dreams with passion and mutual trust. 
A long-lasting house that can tell the story of many generations. 

The UNI-CA’ project gives you the possibility to witness the building of your handcrafted wooden house with ecologic, economic and technical benefits. A house in harmony with nature, taylormade according to your specific requirements. Peace, warmth and comfort are our keywords.

A UNI-CA home is the result an artisanal job realised with few tools where the features of each trunk, each node, are valorized. 
The design, realised by the Mario Uberti - Architect of Cortenova is personalised and detailed. 

The blockbau interlocking system is versatile but it requires to be carefully prepared in advance and it is offered with internal and external windows, internal compartmentation, hydraulic & heating system, wiring, and even alarm and photovoltaic systems. 

The realisation is done but the Malugani company, expert carpenters who cooperate with competent and qualified mountain guides and technicians. An experienced and tight-knit team led by a big passion for this job, nature and mountains. 

The wood is supplied by the Camillo de Rossi sawmill which has a big experience in the research of the best quality of wood and its manifacturing. 
For UNI-CA’ houses the raw material comes from the Grigioni region (Switzerland) where trees grow at and altitude between 1400 and 1700 m. Because of that the trunks are much more resistant and less subject to volume variation thanks to the optimal wood fiber compactness. The chosen trunk is extracted from the forest by horses to avoid that the tractor weight might destroy other trees' roots and the underground.